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CVT grinder

The GSF-30 CVT grinder is the grinder of choice for turning around highly complex continually variable transmission (CVT) shafts with micron-close tolerances and superfine finishes to exact specifications. The GSF-30 is designed for CVT shaft journal and face grinding within one chucking. It optimizes CBN grinding wheel technology with programmable wheelhead for high-speed, accurate plunge, traverse and contour grinding.

Axial Orientation

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Specifications Units
Swing Over Table mm 300
Distance Between Centers mm 600, 1000
Weight Capacity kg 60
Machine Weight kg 4600


Specifications Units
Swing Over Table inch 11.81
Distance Between Centers inch 23.63 / 39.37
Weight Capacity lbs 132.28
Machine Weight lbs 10141.26

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* All specifications are subject to change.

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