Double-drive Cylindrical Grinder

SHIGIYA (USA) LTD.’s GPD Double-Drive CNC Cylindrical Grinders feature a completely new design that uses a double center drive system. These grinders are based on the fundamental concepts of no setup required, improved processing accuracy and improved maintenance. The GDP is equipped with NC movable workheads on the left and right sides. The distance between centers can be adjusted without changing the setup to support workpiece lengths between 30 and 430mm. The CBN wheel, in combination with a multi-step sizing in-process gauge, works to achieve consistent processing accuracy with high precision.


Specifications Units
Swing Over Table mm 200
Distance Between Centers mm 430
Weight Capacity kg 20
Machine Weight kg 4000
Wheel Size OD mm 300
Wheel size width mm 30
Wheel spindle KW 5.50


Specifications Units
Swing Over Table inch 7.87
Distance Between Centers inch 16.93
Weight Capacity lbs 44.09
Machine Weight lbs 8818.40
Wheel Size OD inch 11.81
Wheel size width inch 1.23
Wheel spindle HP 4

* Other specifications available.
* All specifications are subject to change.

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