CNC masterless cam grinder

The GCMH-30 , featuring Shigiya's conversational cam and journal automatic programming system, is the leading CNC masterless cam shaft grinder for unsurpassed quality and throughput. The highly productive machine grinds cam profiles directly from computer-generated design data. It produces straight cams with accurate profiles much quicker and eliminates human error from the grinding process.

Axial Orientation


Specifications Units
Swing Over Table mm 300
Distance Between Centers mm 630
Weight Capacity kg 30
Machine Weight kg 5500 / 7000
Wheel Size OD mm 350


Specifications Units
Swing Over Table inch 11.81
Distance Between Centers inch 9.84 / 24.81
Weight Capacity lbs 66.14
Machine Weight lbs 12125.42 / 15432.36
Wheel Size OD inch 13.78

* Other specifications available.
* All specifications are subject to change.

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