Vertical CNC Angular Cylindrical Grinder

The GAV-10 vertical CNC angular grinder features a compact footprint of 1 square meter to accommodate a range of production line layouts. The machine's wide opening allows for easy loading and automation. An innovative gate structure ensures precision grinding by counter measuring against vibration, thermal displacement and noise and ensures extreme precision after a cold start, and even during post-process grinding.


Specifications Units
Swing Over Table mm 100
Distance Between Centers mm 150, 200
Weight Capacity kg 10
Machine Weight kg 1900 / 1950
Wheel Size OD mm 305 / 355
Wheel size width mm 25
Wheel spindle KW 2.2


Specifications Units
Swing Over Table inch 3.93
Distance Between Centers inch 5.91 / 7.87
Weight Capacity lbs 22.05
Machine Weight lbs 4188.78 / 4299.01
Wheel Size OD inch 12.01 / 13.98
Wheel size width inch 0.98
Wheel spindle HP 2.95

* Other specifications available.
* All specifications are subject to change.

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